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The Lands of Mortal Man are beseiged by powers from beyond.
The Dragon Lord, Bethayal, has mustered to his will demons, the dead,
vampires, beast and dragon to exterminate the livving.

In a war between the mortal and the divine, one hero must make way to
the heart of darkness and put an end to it all, or see the end of times
upon his land.

Victor of Daurenguard, First Champion of the Border Kingdoms and
son to Lord Emberyn, is our last hope for survival and peace!

*Download the Demo now including the first 3 levels of the game. *The Demo under the format of itch.io's PWYW (Pay What You Want) system, pay anything from 0.00 and beyond to make a donation. Any donations up front will be used for helping complete the development of the game.

** The full version will be sold and downloaded separately at an estimated launch price of $8.50, kept so low thanks to your gracious donations.

Mythic Draconis is a retro platformer set in the dark fantasy lands of our hero, Victor of Daurenguard.

The game accents both fast paced, action adventure hack and slash game-play, as well as in depth puzzle solving and exploration filled with secrets in every turn.

The final version currently in development will be boasting a 3hr Story Mode Campaign and Arcade Game Mode, Mythic Draconis spans over 7 fleshed out levels, each increasing in complexity and length, and 3 boss levels to test your hero against the forces of darkness.

The Free Demo is here! Play the first 3 levels (2 normal levels plus the first Boss Level and Encounter) for free.

Please send feedback to soufridimitrios@gmail.com if possible, with topic heading M.DRACONIS FEEDBACK to help improve the game and fix any possible bugs for the final release.


This is a retro platformer, it doesn't mean that its as light as the classic retro platformers as it clearly has visuals that surpass them, with some sprites reaching even 4k resolutions.

For older rigs, there can be frame loss experienced. Closing other programs, browsers, etc, or simply restarting the game fixes this.

I myself have made tests on a 6 yr old rig, and once in a while frame loss is experienced. Upon restarting the game the issue is fixed.

Turning off Scalnlines (filter) in the options menu also helps.

I assume most will not have this problem, as the minimum requirements for the game are rather low. But it needed to be noted regardless.


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